Comforting corporate america?

Is it strange that sometimes as much as i hate seeing the degradation of ours, and any other culture by these stagnate square, lacking aesthetic, super-centers which seem to spring up out of the ground like weeds, I also feel a sort of comfort knowing I can survive off of their waste?

As much as we hate them we cant seem to stay away form them. They are everywhere. Convenience, or magnetism due to lack of other choices?

Sure small businesses are dandy, but they dont produce nearly the waste these looming corporations can in such a short amount of time. My face lights up when i see a CVS or a K-mart because I know pretty much any day of the week, any time of the month i can find what i need from their trash.

In the same token, this is also gut wrenching news that we are producing this much waste, and I rarely see fellow scavengers diving this loot. So where is it all going you ask? Ide imagine your tap water knows better than you do. Maybe you should do some investigating. In all honesty i think it all goes to Jersey. That state smells like urine and trash. And it looks like it smells.

In the end, the entire planet is being consumed (no pun intended) by this subculture of conglomerates which suck dry any ethnic sincerity, and its a shame to see things turning into this monochrome state in all corners of the planet, but it puts a temporary smile on my face like the sting of a heroin needle. How do we rid ourselves of this drug? How do we ween ourselves off this consumerist society where we force ourselves to buy, to use, to trash things we dont need to survive? All i know is im hungry, and theres a CVS right around the corner.

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