Urban exploring nightmare

So prancing around downtown boston tonight, all i could think about was how much i would really love to find an unopened soda. Coke would have been nice but any soda would have sufficed. Im not sure why, but i was just jonesing for a soda. Perhaps it was because all i have been finding lately is americanized pizza. Dumpstered pizza, meatball subs, that sort of thing. Itll make you crave a coke like you wouldnt believe.

Walking down up and around i notice a scaffolding where construction is being done on an old 4 story building. Hmm i say, as i decide it seems safe to hop up it and take a look around.

Once inside, i realized this was no ordinary house, it had several stories and nooks and cranies, and while i should have taken some pictures all i could think of was that s. king movie rose red.

i wandered downstairs thinking this is the stuff silly people tell you not to do from the audiance at b rate horror movie flicks, but i tell myslef this is real life, and there is nothing to worry about. The place is light up real nice with construction worker flood lights all over so i venture down to the basement. This place is a mansion, Gold boarders deep green wallpaper, fancy you know. High sealings, even in the basement. Huge bay windows, several kitchens, the works. I spot some blood on the floor. (yes blood.) liek someone cut their finger on the job and i follow the drip trail to a dead end. Now i think its time to head back upstairs. So i do, but i decide before i leave im going to look for a coke and a mini fridge. I stumble around to the left side of the house, and find an office, as i go to approach i hehar a voice. (aw shit! im caught! I could get charged with breaking and entering, and who knows what that will mean.)

Fortunately the man thinks he is hearing a ghost, after all its like 130 in the am. so i quietly hid behind the nearest door to scope out the danger. Figures im trapped. Hes almost right in front of me. I can hear him talking about how he thinks he just heard a ghost, and he seems kindof nervous, and is mumbling really creepy like, but i have to do something. do i wait for a while and hope he goes to sleep or do i make a run for it, and hope i dont get caught or break a leg on the uneven floor. Shit. what to do what to do. i decide ill creep past him, then split the place.

i try it. creeeek goes the floorboards, by now my heart is racing a mile a min. forget having a coke, i just want to get out of there! so i just walk on past like nothing suspicious, and i make it back out to the scafolding, safe and sound, i jump off it onto the pavement, and walk on down the street thankful i wasnt sent to jail.

and what do you know starbucks has left me a bag of goodies, some cookies. I deserve it. I dont know for what, but what the hell. I deserve it.

dont try this at home kids.

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