Some days being homeless and pennyless means you have to wander around to look for food. Some days are better than others, like the past week in boston i have had no trouble finding food. But today, it seemed no matter where i looked and how hard i tried i couldnt find hardly anything. Go figure. Some day sare liek that. On the days you find food easily, utilize the rest of your day wisely. On the days that you cant find food at all, best keep looking. Its out there, but sometimes its just harder to come by than others.

On a side note, i watched some fantastic charismatic street performers today who loved their job, and made a killing. probably more than you make in a day, these cats made in half an hour, and they really didnt do anything too hard. they were just very professional, and made lots of stay in school keep off drugs dont try thiis at home refferences. Alot depends on the crowd, but alot also depends on how you play off the crowd. Nobody likes being made the butt of a joke, so keep jokes clean, and encourage people with a big smile and you are bound to get paid way more for your performance no matter how good or bad you are at it. I want to start breakdancing for money, but i have to work on my game a bit more.

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