Safe places to sleep

Some places are more safe than others. Trust your gut, and what others tell you. The best place to sleep is in a house in a bed. We all know that. But you dont have a house, and most likely dont have a bed.

Therefore, check out to find a friendly bed near you. You may hve to do some serious asking multitudes of people, after all its a free site, hosted by people with lives of their own. So try it first. If you cant get a place on there….

You can try local community shelters. However shelters are often filled with the homeless people who are homeless because of outside circumstances. Most of these people are lovely people to chat with, but some are paranoid, drunk, theives. So hold onto your valuables tightly.

If you have a car, this is also another very safe method, contrary to popular belief. The most hassle you may have to deal with is construction in the morning waking you up, or an occassional cop making sure you are not dead, or taking up a private spot. As for where to sleep in your car, wal-mart parking lots are great, you can use the bathrooms 24 hours a day, and there is security as well, and usually a bunch of other people sleeping in their cars / motor homes around you. if you cant find a lot like this, you can sleep at bus / train stations, churches, apartment complexes, houses that are up for sale and vacant, and the list goes on. I dont recommend parking garages, or private lots, as you might be woken up by the sound of a tow truck hauling your car away, who may still charge you even though you are in your car.

If you dont have a car, the best thing to do is sleep during the day, and move at night. You can sleep in public parks with no hassle, (yes even central park) landromats, libraries (sometimes), beaches, college campuses, the subway, the bus, the bus stop, behind buildings, rooftops, ect.

At night its a different story. I have seen people sleep in multitudes of places, some out in the open, some hidden very well. Most people who do sleep at night find places off the beaten path where their likely hood of being spotted by cops or other bums or college kids looking to f with them is slimmer. The problem with this method is that if something were to happen, you are secluded and generally helpless outside of your own self defense. I have seen homeless people make tents out of tarp and suction cups and sleep under store fronts, bridges, bushes, trees, parked cars, you name it, anywhere they can find they will sleep. Remember, if you are asleep outside someplace you are libel to be hassled, no matter what time of day.
Therefore, you can always look for a place to sleep inside. Some call this breaking and entering so be careful where you sleep. You could be arrested. i have slept in abandon houses, houses for sale, and college dorms during the off season, but you can sleep in barns, sheds, treehouses, basicly anywhere you can get in from the elements while not causing a scene.

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8 thoughts on “Safe places to sleep

  1. Liz

    I’ve been searching the question of where to sleep if I’m homeless for 4 hours now on the web and your answer, although dismal, is the closest to real and practical I’ve come across.
    I have a male friend who has just become homeless and has not found a place or way to sleep for the past 4 days. I am terrified for him and frantic to find a solution. (I live too far away to provide shelter.) I now feel like if I can somehow help him make it thru this night I can talk him into sleeping during the day. Both of us never really thought about sleep during the day. Conditioning right – one sleeps “at Night”.
    Thanks for helping me think outside the box!

  2. j.

    Sleep AT NIGHT!! If you ever have hope of finding a job…your interview will be in the DAYTIME,right? If you have any hope of looking as sharp as you can, then it’s gonna be in the daytime! If you are gonna surf the internet at the library then they are open in the ….c’mon say it! DAYTIME!
    Now, where to sleep at NIGHT??
    I’ve never seen a large city park that don’t have darker undisturbed areas at NIGHT! My favorite one have 2 all night convenience stores with bathrooms within 5 minutes walking time.
    But LOOK for these sweet sleeping digs in the…DAYTIME! You need to be able to check out details like street lights, windows from where you might be seen? can you come and go without ppl seeing you? Cars headlights lighting you up?
    Also, sit back during the day and think about where you are…WHERE do the cops NOT drive by at …NIGHT? Are there trees, bushes? Maybe a park shelter?
    My favorite are hiking trails, because everyone ELSE is afraid of them at NIGHT! :)

  3. j.

    I almost forgot! MAKE a LIST of these places, at least 6 of them in areas where important resources, like bathrooms! You may have to rotate to different sites at times?

  4. AD

    I Like this Website, It has been very usefull for me, I Recently lost my home, and currently In Car/Homeless, It’s true that walmart Has a safe place to park, but somethimes is not so great, People are nosey and beggin to ask you if you homeless, Especially when you use the public restroom, So I recommend chaning Walmarts from time to time. Also park next to the Big Walmarts were no incoming traffic of people move in or out of the area.

  5. I saw a youtube video on how to make a hammock using a bed-sheet and rope. Don’t forget that the trees are your friends.

  6. Hawklover

    Use Google earth to zoom in to your location and find patches of trees to camp in. Often these will be along stream beds as builders cannot build on top of them. A hammock will let you sleep in areas where a tent can not be pitched. Also a hammock in a public park for a quick afternoon nap is much more excepted than a sleeping bag on the ground.

  7. Oilfield trash
    Since my divorce, I find it interesting to go to new places and live off the fat of the land. Generally I just take a backpacking pack with hiking/camp equipment and live out of it. Guess I have an advantage as I do this for fun and not necessity. Having a vehicle is a real bonus to. Mostly for storing gear though. It’s more interesting to stay out and about. My work schedule is 28/14. “More people should do this!” When at work room and board are paid, when off my time is my own. I live practically footloose and fancy free. Not to mention all the interesting people met along the way. In urban areas If you stay in greenways off the beaten path, Most city people are afraid to venture there during the night. If you play an instrument you can usually hustle up enough money to eat on without ever breaking into your savings. Not to mention all the fishing and hunting you can do within U.S. cities (don’t get caught). It’s actually a rather nice lifestyle. Just watch your back. Not everyone out there has your best interest at heart .

  8. Freddy

    I have been homeless for two days now. I have a scooter and scouted the area for a place to sleep and came across a commercial building that was empty and for lease. I went to the back and found a trash bin area that had three sides of brick and an unlocked gate in front. One dumpster was there as it could hold three, but since there was only a dentist in the building, there was one. This left plenty of room for me to wheel the scooter in, reposition the dumpster so that no one could see me, and I slept on the ground. I used bug spray from the 99 cent store to keep the bugs away, found some cardboard and used two of my towels for padding. It has worked great so far. I get there at 8:00 p.m., and sleep until 5:00 a.m. This prevents me from being surprised by the trash truck or any of the people who work for the dentist.

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