Recipes for cheap

Beans and rice are a complete protein combination so it is an excellent source of low fat protein.

3.3 cent breakfeast.

friend…”Chicken livers.  A carton costs about a dollar.
Boil them in either chicken broth or water, add salt and pepper to taste.
Eat them with homemade whole wheat bread and a glass of milk.
You will not be hungry for many hours.  Just a small amount of chicken liver is enought to satisfy your appetite, and it is a very strengthening food.
Eggs are my second choice.” -lazarus


friend…”on days long hiking/camping trips, (back when I did such things) we’d bring a small mesh bag 1/4 filled with seeds and wet it regularly, then it overflows with yummy sprouts. no need to tote jars and such. a bag works very well and drains better.
alfalfa spouts are the norm in grocery stores, but I prefer broccoli sprouts and if you can find a nice mix of seeds with red clover and radish, its zesty and really good like on sandwiches and such.” -isabellauren

friend…”Buy a big bag of potatoes, eggs, oil or butter, some cheap cut of meat and/or cheese if you have enough.  With a few inexpensive veggies (and ramen, of course) it can keep you going.  Pasta is very cheap, and so is oatmeal, and you can get dozens of meals for pennies each from them.” – terra

friend…”Try going to  markets that cater to ethnic communities. The rice noodles I used to pay 2.79 for are 99 cents at the big Asian supermarket, 79 cents on sale, and there is always a brand on sale. This is for a 1 pound package. The vegetables are handled with greater care there, are much fresher and the prices can be way better on what is exotic to us. For ex, Chinese broccoli is usually half the price of what it is at the chain supermarket. Chestnuts, precooked and peeled in package are 99 cents as opposed to 5 dollars or more at the chain market. At the small Indian market, the beans and spices are sold in much larger packages. The spices are much cheaper, even for unusual spices. The beans are usually exotic (to me) but priced very fairly. In fact, most of the things seemed to be priced fair there.” – dive and thrive

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7 thoughts on “Recipes for cheap

  1. Eastern Shore Vegan

    LOVE THIS! I really need to get to that indian place near me

  2. chris

    pasta with egg-
    cook pasta (penne, spirals, whatever).
    drain (dont rinse). In oil or butter in a pan fry about 4 eggs per pound of pasta until the whites are cooked and the yolks are almost done. Sprinkle salt & pepper (& fines herbes) on the eggs. Combine them with the pasta, breaking up the eggs. Done and delicious. You can throw in other things too- cheese, veggies (sautee in pan before eggs, then cook eggs with vegs), meat, whatever.

    also pasta salad- you just mix pasta and any salad dressing and veggies- cukes, bell peppers,, etc, – grapes, almonds, cheese, hard-boiled egg, whatever you want and it’ll fill you up and taste good.

    sriracha hot sauce makes anything tatse better, like rice & beans, though avocado adds to the proteins and fats necessary during lean eating.

    great site dude- keep the faith!

  3. Packs of instant potatoes are cheap ($.89 at our Walmart) and when you mix them with ramen noodles this is what my hiking friends called “ramen-bombs.” Not a complete protein but lots of energy.

  4. Van

    Interesting…I would never have thought that homeless people cooked.

  5. I love these ideas my budget has been tight almost nonexistant the local food bank has helped tremendosly keeping me stocked with peanut butter and beans,i have volunteered at local farms in exchange for gleening rights its a win win.

  6. Ginge

    Never thought homeless people cooked? Wow???!!! We’re not all useless to ourselves. It takes nothing to make a fire. Find a pot or pan & you can cook anything, plus provide warmth. Many of us DO actually cook. Great comment. That’s all you could offer here?

  7. What if you have no way to cook? These are nice ideas but without a place to cook they aren’t much help.

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