life is merely an everlasting series of cyclic volutions…

In a lengthy discussion with a friend today over a gluttonous dinner at an all you can eat casino buffet, we determined life is mearly a cecession of repeating volutions…
evolution, revolution, devolution, and back to evolution again.

for example, this current world has evolved from pond scum to its present modern day society through revolutions in science sociology and nature, and is currently in the process of devolution through destruction of life sustaining raw materials. Once this devolution occurs life will have to be rebuilt from pond scum scratch once again. Tis a process of the volutions.

the universe has been speculated to being connected through molicules, which have to remain attached in order to function at all as anything and therefore it has been theorized that the universe is the same as a giant elastic band stretching to its tipping point in which some day it will tip and implode upon itsself creatinng the devolutionary process of rebirth by crushing itsself into a giant bomb which will explode upon formation to recreate the universe once again startinng over within the evolutionary process.

if this is true, it is possibel that the universe has big banged several times already and that there has been numerous life sustaining formations created and destroyed in the process.

makes me wonder if dejavu is in fact just the cognic rememberance of previous cycles of life rather than irrational misfires in the brain.

if these cycles, for lack of a better term, have been occurring continuously for all eternity, whos to say life isnt merely the sustainment of molecular energy by biomatter? and that reincarnation is actually occurring every second of every day? it may not be the utopian reincarnation we are led to believe in church and school, but none the less it is the transfer of molecular energy within the biomatter atmosphere.

so for example, a person dies, their molecular life sustaining energy decomposes and becomes fertile soil transfering into say a tree within which the tree uses that energy to grow, and produce fuel for another human in the form of a fruit, which in turn becomes a part of that human who will also in turn die and become decaying energy for a new tree. its logically plausable is it not?

to be continued….

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One thought on “life is merely an everlasting series of cyclic volutions…

  1. special k

    best conversation and buffet ever!

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