Higher Education

So we all know. its been preached down our throuats form birth. “In order to get a good job you must have some form of higher education under your belt” “higher education will provide your faimly with food on the table and a nice house to live in” “the only way to be somebody, is through higher education” and for those of us who think, we know its a load of crap.

The higher education system is a buisness. A rather profitable one at that.97% of all the crap you are forced to learn about, (higher level science, literature analysis, and so on is meaningless, and other than the fact that if you become a leading expert in BS you cant make a living off of this stuff. Well, i suppose oyu could, but if there were a nuclear hollocost and all technology was destroyed, and people had to fend for themselves, how long would these people who devote their lives to researching molecular enginering be able to survive?

As i was strolling through harvard yard last night on a bike, a security cop stoped me and told me to walk it. At 1:30am on a friday night there was no-one but a few dumb rich harvard kids far off in the distance carrying a couple of pizzas and beer back to their high end dorm rooms, and he told me I had to walk my bike because he didnt want any accidents. Really he didnt want the lawsuit that would ensue and deduct some precious income from one of the most expensive universities in the nation.

The strange thing is, the week before, along the same path in harvard yard, i stumbled upon a homeless young black woman cuddeling her 5 year old sleeping son, weary and observant, huddled up against one of the many vaccent buildings along the yard owned by the schoo, not being used for anything but asthetics, and higher level academia. Why couldnt this woman enter the building, and use it for what it should have been constructed for? protection from the elements. Oh yeah, because she didnt pay thousands of dollars to learn meaningless BS that wouldnt keep her alive any longer than her current situation outside of that campus.

Its interesting to note, the world famous leftist nom chompsky works for harvard. One of my friends told me hes very approachable, and loves talking to students. But i wonder what is one of the leading extreame liberals doing teaching at such a prestigious school where just about nobody can get in outside of predominately rich white collar old money faimlies? If i had met chompsky, i would have only had that question to ask him. And i hope his answer would have been for the money, because I dont know any other reason that would have quenched my thirst on the matter.

If Nom Chompsky can teach at harvard, why cant he teach on the side of the street? Wouldnt that be more approachable to the people hes claiming to be working for

We have all seen the beauty of america at work, where someone with no educational background goes form scum to a millionare with nothing more than good people skills, and an attractive idea that does something useful for the people they are in buisness to serve. Why then must we believe higher education and all its stress through endless bills, and binge drinking and social interaction through disguised public interest groups a.k.a. greek frats should be the key to our lives?

Why are there more people in debt today than ever before? Why dont we have more social interaction and sex education and drug education classes shoot more drivers ed classes would be nice. But do away with this menial crap that has nothing to do with living. At least get rid of the entire freshman year. Even though we all know thats where you make the majority of your money. It is worthless.

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2 thoughts on “Higher Education

  1. Wat

    It makes my blood boil whenever someone tells me I can’t make it without college education. I don’t want that kind of success, and I’m glad I found this site to further my research into the kind of life I want to lead.

  2. Dr. T

    It’s a shame you don’t value higher education, especially with your bad grammar, misspellings and poor punctuation.

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