No, not what beans give you. Gas.

Its probably the most expensive thing you will need to find along the way.

There used to be a method of collecting small amounts of gas form shut off hoses at local gas stations, (and probably still are in small towns) You just squeeze the pump, and out comes some excess gas that had been trapped in the pipes since it was shut off. I have tried this to no avail, but who knows.

Once in a while you can find gas, but be careful its not kerosene or something mixed with gas. I found a 5 gallon gas tank full once in a parking lot. Apparently someone put it down then drove off. More for me.

You can siphin gas, but this is technically stealing. So its up to your morals. You insert a tube preferrably plastic into anothers gas tank, and suck on it till gas starts spouting out. Put the tube in a bucket or your tank, and fill till both are equal. (got this from abbie hoffman, but have never tried it)

Apparently you can just ask people for gas. I haven’t tried it yet, but soon i may have to, i heard from a friend all you have to do is approach people at gas stations tell them you are trying to get back to someplace, (insert sob story) and they will give you gas. Said he made a roundtrip cross country vacation out of free gas.

friend…”go to a chuch, say you ran out of gas down the street and you have no money. my church has special coins they give out for the gas station down the street, so that they know your only getting gas. try it.

hell, they will probally feed you too.” – phortyzz

Im offerring rideshares all over the country. I base my destinations on where other people want to go, and make due when i get there. This saves me a ton on gas money as i make them pay for it, or most of it, i make new friends, they get where they need to go, and for cheeper than a bus train plane etc. and in better company. Try offering rideshares where you are headed. Not only does this save you money on gas but its better for the environment, by carpooling.

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5 thoughts on “Gas

  1. Hawklover

    Don’t suck on a hose. You will get gasoline in your mouth and lungs and cause permanent damage.
    If you steal gas you will likely get caught. However if you have 5 gallon can and a siphon hose on hand folks may allow you to take a can full from their tank if you ask.

    This is a gravity flow system and the target can must be lower than the source. Put you finger over the end to stop it and then raise the hose above the source and remove it. This will prevent spills.

  2. Hawklover

    Keep the siphon hose out of sight in a plastic bag as it is a red flag to law enforcement.

  3. Urban Ozzie survivalist

    Petrol is harder to come by but diesel is easy! Most trucks don’t have locks on the tanks. A friend of mine always kept a 44gal drum on the back of his 4×4 if he saw a truck parked away from houses it was fair game. Many truck drivers don’t have room for their rigs at their suburban houses so they will park in an industrial area or near a common area near their homes. He would usually not take the whole lot and most of the time the truckie would have so much he wouldn’t miss 15-20gal which would
    keep his 4×4 running for quite a while. The suction thing takes practice and he always kept mentors or gum in his glove compartment for his breath afterward. You have to create suction with your mouth while breathing through your nose. Practice with water. You can get a jiggle siphon if you want to avoid this but its hit and miss if they work. If theres not enough in the tank or your hose is too short its a no go. Have to have a diesel too. If your at risk of becoming homeless it might be something to consider acquiring before the H bomb hits.

  4. Van

    Rideshare idea is a great idea.

  5. Jake

    I’ve put all sorts of things In my gas tank. One gallon of used motor oil + four gallons of gasoline = five gallons in the tank. Scrap the catalytic converter (20 to $50 and up), replace with equal length of pipe ($8 at Autozone), and stretch your fuel with whatever filler is available.

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