free organic greece

scored a 15$ 5 star 3 course meal at a fancy shmancy greek place tonight, by asking the owner if he could use some kitchen help for a plate of food. He got all smilly and told me to take his best seat, and he treated me to the above, no work involved. He was so happy to be helping someone in need, i think his mouth touched his earlobes. Go figure. I stuffed my face and had enough left over for a second meal tomorrow.

There was an organic consumers convention in baltimore a few months ago, you had to own an organic-friendly buisness, and pay 300 bucks for a stupid electronic pass to get into the thing. So i waited around in the lobby for an hour or two and sure enough someone set their badge down on a table and walked off. So i took it. I just walked right past security as they happily swiped it, and let me in.

Once inside, the first table i went to saw the name on my tag, and questioned if i was really bob or dan or whatever his name was. They said i should have been a little older. Same thing at the next table. Turns out i had swipped a badge of a 65ish year old man who was the founder of a whole foods like market on the west coast. He was one of the biggest names at the convention. Which i found out form a rad girl my age who worked for seventh generation. (whom im in love with now, but i fall in love to easy) So from then on out i just told people i was his grandson, and he told me to try out their products. To see if he would carry them in his store. Thats when i got wayy more free stuff. It pays to be related to a celebrity.

I got soo much free stuff i couldnt stand up. I met all the wonderufl people who created the products all us organic consumers love to death, even met dave and berry the creators of honest tea, the best bottled tea on the planet. I told them i thought so, and they gave me a bunch of free tea, and a high five!

when i left, i gave my badge to a group of bike messengers and told them to say they were his other son. I hope they went back. All that free stuff was going to be tossed out. Go figure.

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