Of course there is lots of food out there that doesnt need to be cooked to be consumed, but when cooking is either vital or just makes your meal taste that much better, having a method to cook your food comes in handy.

zipl0ck baggies seal heat in, and if you place it on say the dashboard of your car in the sun for a hour or two, your food will be piping hot and ready to eat in the military they actually cook food on the radiatior of a just recently driven humvee, i dont know if my radiator would cook my food, but some tin foil, and a few blocks of driving might do the trick.

most convienece stores and gas stations have microwaves. They are all over the place if you look for them.

friend…”It is easy to make a temporary stove out of tin cans. You can use anything from gleaned paper and small sticks to sterno, or candles to make heat. There are even small fold up stoves on for under 20 bucks if you want something to have for a longer period of time, but tin cans are everywhere.” – Judith756

friend…”Candle stoves are pretty easy. Take a large tin can or coffee can and poke a bunch of holes in the sides. Then nail three or four long nails through the bottom (so that the pointy ends are inside the can) and spear some long emergency candles onto them. Light the candles and place your bowl or pan or whatever on top of the can. The holes in the sides will provide the flames with oxygen. This takes a really long time to cook with, but it’ll do in a pinch.” – hellparadiso

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6 thoughts on “Cooking

  1. You could also make a ‘solar cooker’ if you’re camping out somewhere.

  2. Roll up cardbord and put it in a can ,tin or still is best then pore wax in on top . this makes a great cook stove fule or survivel heet

  3. j.

    Zip lock baggies CAN and do melt if hot enough!
    USE aluminum foil, no limit to heat…

  4. Steff

    A good option is just to find a youth hostel near you. Most of them are self catering and provide a kitchen for guests. Just walk straight in and act like a guest 🙂

  5. Ed

    you can also make an alcohol burning stove made from soda/beer cans and for fuel just use hand sanitizer from stores and mix with salt filter thru cloth for pure fuel i found videos on you tube

  6. Van

    Advise you to stop the practice of heating food up in a ZipLock baggie. You’re putting bad chemicals into your body caused by the heated plastic leaching chemicals into the food.

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