Where to start?

Quit your job. Punch your jack-ass boss in the face for making you slave over benighn meaningless bullshit day after day of your wasted life. After all, why do we work? To pay rent? Find yourself a backpack, and a pair of closed-toed shoes, as well as sandels. Three changes of clothes, and several water bottles.

All this subject to change depending on you.

For example if you have a car, you can plan on sleeping in it, and having extra space to store items you think you may need. But keep in mind, a car is more expensive than a backpack, and therefore is still a bill. It takes gas, oil, and other fluids which need upkeep, it is liable to breakdown or pop a tire, and it cost money to park in some cases. Take this into consideration, you will have to work harder to maintain a vehicle, but it will do more for you in the end.

after all, you can venture out farther, collect more stuff to sell, and have more privacy, as well as be removed from the elements. All of which is harder on foot, but not impossible.

Once you have decided your method of transportation, (usually a combination of the two) you now need to figure out how to survive.

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7 thoughts on “Where to start?

  1. So far so good

  2. rev van

    If you’re planning such a venture, you might would be better served to consider Army Surplus.

    After all, the “grunts” and “leathernecks” live months to years out of their backpacks. That’s what this stuff is designed for.

    Once you hit the skidds you won’t be able to get good quality equipment and you’ll have to settle for what you can scrounge.


  3. ploney

    Grab content from stealthiswiki dot com, they have lots of homelessness tips and other radical stuff all under the “OK to steal” free doc license.

  4. Debbie

    Not funny I cant work, I was hurt at work { CVS Pharmacy} they fired me and now I can walk for more than a few min without a lot of pain. so now i’am sitting here with no place to go and no money, my own kids kicked me out on to the Street. And I don’t have money for food.

  5. Debbie can either feel sorry for herself or she can do something about it. Hence, this blog. And you don’t need money for food.

  6. Urban Ozzie survivalist

    Ok done both car and foot. Car better by far. Yes has needs but provides opportunities for casual work. And if your given something like a laptop and a basket of tinned food you won’t have to decide which you would rather do without. Take both say thank you and put them in your car.

  7. Brad

    Survival is the simple art of adapting.

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