Wouldnt you love to be homeless? (start here)

This is meant to be a guide to help anyone currently, about to, or dreaming of living on the streets of the United States, (eventually it will extend to overseas when I get a passport). As with everything, take it with a grain of salt. It is after all but only a guide. God bless America land of opportunities


Guide to being homeless categories of interest….

Where to start?



Hunting your food


Cops and Law Enforcement


Recipes For Cheap



Safe places to sleep


Making Money


My Ideology and personal epiphanies along the way… (in other words my personal online journal)

About the Author…

Life on the run, has me in an unpredictable predicament. Living out of my car and my backpack has been the ultimate reason to start this journal, which hopefully can help anyone who is either in my situation, or would just like to get away from it all, and live on the streets.

Feel free to contact me at any time, and suggest new tips I havent thought of, or just comment on anything I have written. Most of these tips came from either myself, or friends, and homeless people I have met along the way. What works for one, may not work for everyone, so take what you can use, and ad where you feel the need.


A friends suggestion…

“Get yourself a full tenter’s camping set up, you can scrounge up much of it, camp in legal places whenever you can, ask for leftovers and believe me there ain’t a campground out there that is not overburdened with discarded stuff like Coldman Fuel for camp stoves and coolers and folding chairs and you may get anything from that source. Communicate well and like to get to know people, many people in this world just want and need some good conversation so stay clean and be yourself and you should do well as a travlin’ man. ” – ursusdave

If you plan on being on the road for some time, invest in a laptop with wireless connection, you can find an unprotected wireless router to connect to just about anywhere. Fuck paying for internet. If a coffee shop is all you can find, sit outside of it on the sidewalk till you get kicked out, or offered some free food. The internet is your best advantage. If you cant afford a laptop, you can always find free internet and a computer someplace. Libraries are the most common, but colleges, coffee shops, even bookstores can be a good source of free internet.If you stay with people, ask to use their computer. You will want the internet for a number of reasons. it keeps you connected to friends, it can help you find a quick job, a rideshare, a new friend, even a relationship.


31 thoughts on “Wouldnt you love to be homeless? (start here)

  1. Andrew Lawrence


    I will be a regular reader of your blog….keep it up…we all learn from others and you have awesome education to be had…

  2. pinky slamstocking (ellen)

    i love your writing and will be checking frequently for updates.

  3. Mary


    What a fantastic way to get to know my son on a deeper level. Love Mom.

  4. special k

    I think you need to trun this into a book all you would have to do is add a few more of you personal experinces. It’s not only informative but in a way it’s kinda funny

  5. Judith

    Mary, you raised a very nice son. I hope he makes it back to Louisiana before I go. Hope the concert is great also.
    Oh, be careful on your trip Ash.

  6. Gena

    fuck you. at least you have a car.

  7. betty

    Female, 61 now no home, hours cut, trying to get car paid for do you ever recover and what to shoot for and what did I do wrong.

  8. Kathy

    I love your blog! I’m with you, brother! God Bless!

  9. Angela Friesen

    I may be at this point soon, but I look at it this way: homelessness is merely a derogatory word for urban camping, which is not much different then going into the woods…

  10. If you’d like to talk about it, you have my email address.

  11. Bryan

    im new to the homeless situation and it was helpful, thanks!!

  12. j.

    Cool blog! Might b homeless soon, so i can use all the tips i can find….
    I can give one to people who use laptops on the road…download free version of hotspot shield!
    It keeps ppl from seeing your machine on wi-fi and encrypts your passwords too!

  13. Afrosty !!!! it’s Divinitus/Oscar !!! Much Love on the Absolute Freedom (Homeless) !!!! I’m creating a community called Divinitus Warrious Universalis = Divine Warriors of the Universe !!! Where we release our Job, home, apt, condo, house, and focus our energies on becoming the Absolute True Divine Self !!! it’s a Spiritual Journey to your Absolute True Self, you find out what you’re made of when you Release It All !!! The Whole Universe is My Home !!! So to say that I’m “Homeless” is Freaking False !!! Been Absolute Free for over a year now and I never been soo happy in my entire life, I’ve experience Explosive Growth Spiritual, Mind, Body and Spirit !!! I’m seeking others !!! to become Divinitus Warrious Universalis, It’s mostly for beings who wants to start absolutely over and to create a whole new life !!! Where we 100% focus on Mind, Body, Spirit, Infinite Divine Universe “God”, Key qualifications would be that you have a vehicle to sleep and move around in, and that you would have / make enough to pay for gym memberships for the Physical Body Transformation, Yoga, Dance, Bodybuilding, Cardio, basically Everything !!! all the Group Exercise Classes, where we will Transform and Metamorphosize our Whole Entire Beings… .. I’m currently in the Chicagoland Area (DuPage County to be exact), There is a lot of support for our so called “Homeless” aka Divine Warriors of the Universe !!!! let me know if anyone is interested or would like more info, if you want to start absolutely over ??? best place is somewhere absolutely New !!!! I do know what to do and where to go for Our Transformation and Metamorphosizing !!!! Infinite Love and Gratitude, Divinitus

  14. Jon Lebel

    I’m about to become homeless. I was once this way at 15 for a few months… it was difficult then. I know more now at 52 years old so i should fare a little better. Its sort of a relief in some ways… not going to miss to pressures of time that a busy career, home, bills, can place on you. Only have to last 3 1/2 years and i get a (paid for) government pension at 55 ($1000/mth), then old age security (Canada) at 65. I should have enought to pay for a room and some food. Can’t work anymore (disabled from Military) but not disabled enough for pension, just enough to not work at anything i can find. No problem… time to see the country, do things (that don’t require cash), and just enjoy the sunrise. Already scoped out shelters for free food in Toronto 🙂 And i understand that my federal government and Royal Canadian Legion have just started programs to help Military Veterans that are homeless. Thanks for all the good advice… post more please.

  15. Zofy

    pretty fuckin difficult if you are a woman, i am at a crossroad on that decision, or let my mind explode. but woman have certain needs dammit. i need to google that instead; how to be homeless if you are a woman, or similar key words.

  16. jon lebel

    I would agree. Due to the “crazy’s” out there, I wouldn’t imagine it’s all that safe for a woman to be travelling in some areas. As for female needs, as a retired military member who worked in the “field” with women, it brings on difficulties that most men (and women) would not understand (I was a field medic and Reg nurse, so I can at least relate a little). My wife is retired navy and tells me many stories of problems with hygene and safety. Not sure anyone other than a women who has lived on the streets for years can give you any answers… good luck and good journey.

  17. mauricioH

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  18. Thaddeus

    Afrosty im 17, the world kinda just shut me out. me an my lady been together for a year an she never leaves my side. February 28 im going o Missouri. where do i start man.. i dont want to give up anymore and i need to be smart. i have a tent an i have 400$ ive been saving up for awhile. where do i go where i wont get locked up?…anyone who reads this please give me some wise ideas. hope i hear from you soon. text me anytime..2197758654

  19. James Nelson

    Good idea for those that tent it in the woods like myself (but not in winter) is my idea ( maybe someone already thought of it) is to get 20-30 plastic milk crates only stack them one high and make a big square with them to place the tent onto just to keep from the cold permanating through to the sleeping individual in the tent.I have done this and it works also good to get off of ground when it rains. The milk crates are plentiful at gas stations.I also would suggest building a wood frame to connect tarps to a home made roof to further battle sun and heavy rain . I guess all this if a person is going to be out in a secluded spot in the woods for more than a couple months alright thanx Im in Minnesota.

  20. Randal

    Thank you so much for this site- I am newly homeless due to my expartner’s stroke, being his caregiver and his family repaying my kindness by , well , not repaying me at all. Add to that a very well off but very greedy family of my own who discarded me when I reached out. So here I am, dependent on some close friends whilst I rebuild my life. Broke and broken hearted, homeless and homosexual, bilingual and bipolar – what could possibly go wrong?

  21. Van

    If one can scrounge up enough money, you could hang in a hammock for sleeping purposes and use a tarp to keep the rain off of you. For more info, visit: https://www.hammockforums.net

  22. Van

    I’m surprised you didn’t cover tips on shelter ideas, especially in areas where winter is cold, or summers are extremely hot. I remember reading about a guy living under a bridge in NYC and wondering how he kept warm enough during the winter.

  23. Linda and John

    My husband and I have fallen on hard times and it wasnt sudden but happened over the last 4 years. In a few days we will be homeless. We dont know what to do with our belongings. So we are giving them away and selling what we can. We both are not in good health but not old enough for government help I guess. I am legally blind. And my Husband has diabetic ulcerations on his feet. Thats what lost him his job. And nobody wants to hire a blind lady. Anyway we have been researching how to live our of our truck. And to tell you the truth, its going to be a relief! No more worrying about the bills, the rent, etc. I just hope we can do it. And you have certainly given us hope! Thank you!

  24. Thank You For Article

  25. Yodidoly

    Wome. Do have it harder if your ho.eless but do have other ways of not being homeless. Which I would not agree. They do. Some men wouldn’t take advantage . I live homeless. Not really cause were I go I am and live . God bless to u all

  26. Hello Andy, This is Anh, I would like to cook for homeless, but vegan, like noodle soup, do you think they are interested or they require meat

  27. Keith

    Some ideas to consider:
    Military poncho + poncho liner can be used during all seasons for shelter and warmth
    Heavy duty Mylar blanket for use as ground cloth, shade, shelter
    Long burn emergency candle with Mylar blanket can provide some needed warmth.
    Foam sleep pad is lightweight and easy to carry.
    Stainless steel wide mouth canteen/water bottle
    Wide mouth thermos for keeping food hot, making soup or ramen with hot water from convenience store.
    A tablet with WIFI is lightweight and small = easy to carry.
    Shemagh is a large bandana and has many uses.
    Toiletries kit think basic and small
    Sewing kit needles and thread
    Duct tape
    Headlight flashlight + batteries with red lens
    Hydration bladder as urinal
    Cable lock to secure your belongings when sleeping

  28. CJ Adams

    When u talked abt keeping ur backpack on u and use a wire thru the zipper add a small bell to it kinda like when some ppl add a small bells to a kitten to keep track of it.

    My hubby and I are recently homeless and ppl just act like we’re the bottom of the bottom and I’m talking about ppl in churches. They judge us all the time and they always tell us “Well we used to help with food vouchers or motel vouchers but the govt stopped giving us the gift cards.” Also they always make us fill out applications and give us a lecture bc after all they’ve arrived. Then they forget that we’re ppl too and we just lost our jobs and we’ve got been thru so much even after careful planning and saving. We’re living in our car and we’ve had to eat a can a beans with a pack of tortillas =$3.00

    And whenever we go to a fast food place before we would usually do get extra napkins, cutlery, salt and pepper, etc. Like from Chik FIL A u can just go in at breakfast u can get free condiments including honey and jelly packs.

    Once we stayed inside a Bojangles talking to somebody while they are and we stayed from 7:00-10:00 p.m. we only drank a soda and we were the last ones in the place and the workers asked if we wanted what they were about to throw away and we said yes! They gave us lots of food to go!

    Also if u hang out at a hospital lobby to get out of the heat or whatever or u might want to just sit in one of their waiting rooms there is FREE coffee, free tea, free hot cocoa and u can even ask the chaplains office if u can have a meal ticket so u can eat from the cafeteria and just make up something like ur visiting someone there and if u know anybody who is in the hospital but can’t afford the meds prescribed ask the chaplains office to help or even a church.

    Also a grocery store called Publix doesn’t charge for some specific prescriptions.

    If u have ever needed an address use a friends address but put ur mail on hold for 30 days at a time so u can maintain an address. Go ahead and pick it up b4 ur 30 days are up and put it back on hold again for 30 days.

    Some libraries can issue u a library card if u use this address on hold.

    Talk to ppl and always be nice bc u will get free info and free stuff. Sometimes we go to free seminars for free food and free stuff and get on email lists for upcoming events.

    Some churches have outreaches with free haircuts and stuff. Keep up with free events around the city with the free newspaper too.

    Got more ideas to share and will come back to this website. I’ve seen some ppl buy a small pack of hot dogs and buns and ask a gas station with a microwave to use to heat up food and reuse a cup to get free ice and water.

    If u go to a food pantry see if they have those powder drink mixes so u can use them at any time.

  29. edward

    You are very helpful with your advice thank you

  30. Annie

    I’ve been living in my car for 2 months. I’m 54, female, and I can’t stand it. I’ve tried every where for help, and it’s all BS. I have a housing voucher no one takes, or it’s not enough, so it’s useless. I’m utterly alone, and I keep thinking of buying a bucket and fill it with bleach and amonia, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make myself stay in the car long enough. I’ve posted CL ads for enough pills to do the job, but just get men thinking their cock will solve my problems. I’m at my wits end. It’s late June, and I get so hot at night, I soak the car seat, and can’t sleep. It’s miserable. Shelters just want me to convert to Christianity, and pray every 10 mins. Help is appreciated, but brainwashing is not. I pray, but pray for death that just goes unanswered. I feel like the high brick walls are just too hard to get over at my age. Bathrooms and ice water seem to be the biggest challenge each day.

  31. I picked up mosquito netting from a thrift store so I could leave my windows down at night in the sweltering heat it’s pretty aweful in the summer.

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